What we do

Provide Innovative Solutions

Offering innovation at its best

For us, Jentzen & Partners does not pursue innovation for its own sake, but works to find the perfect solution for our diverse clients; with the smallest well-chosen changes often making the biggest difference. Our in-house team possesses a range of expertise and experience and strives to meet every unique client demand with the right response.

We pride ourselves on placing equal importance on building on existing systems, as well as developing end-to-end, novel solutions. And through equipping our seasoned investment professionals with continuous education, we place ourselves in a position to deliver for our clients the highest degrees of satisfaction.

Investment consulting

Our investment consulting services are always tailored to the specific needs and current situation of our clients. Our typical services are within the following categories:

  • Development of Investment Policy Statements
  • Strategic Asset Allocation Analysis
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Risk Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Manager Search & Selection

Business consulting

Based on our extensive experience in the investment advisory and management space, we offer business consulting services within the following areas:

  • Client Concepts
  • Private Banking Concepts
  • Investment Advisory Concepts
  • Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Distribution Strategies


  • We do not manage Investments
  • We do not have our own Products
  • We do not have Kick-Back' or Commission Agreements
  • 100% Transparent Pricing


  • We focus on the situation and the needs of each client
  • We offer Individual Reporting
  • We do not have 'Standard Solutions'
  • We offer Bespoke Solutions


  • We adhere to the highest professional standards (CFA and CAIA charter holders)
  • We comply with the highest ethical standards (CFA Institute)
  • We teach at Copenhagen Business School
  • Comprehensive theoretical and hands-on experience

You are welcome to contact us whether you have a distinct project in mind, or just wish to get to know us and learn more about our services.
We treat every inquiry with the utmost respect and discretion.